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Exploring the History and Significance of Modest Islamic Fashion

by Nabia Alig 01 Apr 2024

Modest Islamic fashion simply means the clothing worn by the Muslimah that is according to the principles of the Holy Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad. The history of the modest fashion followed by Muslims has deep roots in religious teachings, and cultural practices as well as in historical contexts written before centuries. This Islamic Modest fashion has gained a lot of attention in recent years. So, in this blog, we are going to explore the history and significance of the same.

Islamic Tradition

Islamic Tradition

Modesty has been an integral part of the Islamic tradition since the start of Islam in the 7th Century. The Holy Quran, emphasizes the importance of modesty in attire for both men and women. There are many verses in different Surahs of the Holy Quran mentioning modest clothing. It also guides men and women both to cover the one's adornment in public.

The holy Quran also mentions the word hijab which means curtain. In the recent Islamic modest fashion, Hijabs are used to cover the head by women. There have been many variations to the hijabs since the 1970s when it first came to rise worldwide. However, the significance of covering the head and the neck portion remains the same.

Similarly, many verses in the Holy Quran say about how women should talk, walk, and what women should wear and it includes words like Jilbabs. You can find these Jilbabs in our online stores as well. They are the kind of Cloaks that were used by many women in ancient times as well.

Prophet Muhammad in his hadiths had many times spoken about dressing modestly. He has also elaborated on modesty, specifying minute details such as covering certain body parts.

Cultural Influences

Modest Fashion - Cultural Influences

The Modest fashion you see today has been shaped by various cultural and religious influencers in the Muslim world. The variations of modest fashion can be seen in different areas of the world. This difference is due to the climate, geography, and cultural influence. It decides the style and preferences of the people living in that area.

Since the advent of Islam, Islamic fashion has evolved year after year due to interactions with different cultures which resulted in a huge number of styles and designs. One example of the same is the influence of the Ottoman Empire's influence on fashion in the Middle East which led to the development of distinctive garments like abayas and kaftans.

Present-day kaftans and Abayas have intricate embroidery upon them. These embroidered patterns have been seen on the dresses worn by the ancient emperors and Mughals. Many Palestine designs also show the presence of embellished embroideries upon them. All of these patterns are now used on the abayas and kaftans; the only difference is that they are now machine-made.

Colonial Encounters and Globalization

Colonization during certain centuries led to changes in Islamic society and one of the changes that was observed was the shift in Islamic fashion. The major shift that was observed was influenced by Western norms. There were several debates in the communities regarding modest dress and resisting cultural imperialism.


Globalization led to the spread of fashion across borders. Women started to adapt the modern contemporary styles. Which has led to the fusion of traditional patterns with contemporary cultures.

Rise of Modest Fashion Industry

Modest Fashion

In the recent decade, there has been a rise in the modest fashion industry owing to the increased demand for Muslimahs around the world. More and more Muslims are turning to modern modest clothing these days. The modest fashion industry has played a crucial role in this by incorporating contemporary styles in the traditional modest style. This is attracting more and more Muslimahs to wear modest clothing according to Islam and yet stay fashionable.

Significance of Modest Clothing

  • Expression of Faith: For Muslimahs modest clothing is their way of expressing their faith in Islam. By dressing modestly, Muslims follow the Islamic principles and assert their identity as the Muslims.
  • Cultural Identity: By adhering to modest clothing Muslims ought to preserve their cultural identity within the Muslim communities. Dressing appropriately ensures that mullahs reflect their values and cultural heritage.
  • Empowerment: Modest Islamic wear-outs allow the Muslimah to focus on body positivity. It allows the women to focus on their inner beauty, values, and ibadat rather than out showoff.
  • Inclusivity: Modest Fashion promotes the understated meaning of fashion. It shows the diversity and states that modesty can also be one of fashion. This has also led the world to accept this form of fashion and Modest Fashion has made its share in Global markets.

Final Words

Modest Islamic fashion is not just a choice of the particular women to wear certain types of clothes, it's instead a manifestation of Islamic principles, beliefs, and faith. The Modest Fashion industry is evolving day by day but is rooted deeply in the principles of Islam and the preachings of Prophet Muhammad. So, as a Muslimah Choosing to wear modest clothes preserves your identity as a Muslim and be on the part shown by Prophet Muhammad without compromising on your overall appearance.


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