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Kaftan Outfit

The perfect example of the language of laid back luxury is the robe of Kaftan. It is a garment that radiates elegance and comfort and has stood the test of time in the ever-evolving world of fashion. Originating from cultures across the globe, it has transcended borders and become a beloved fashion statement, captivating fashion enthusiasts worldwide. While some trends in fashion are fleeting, the kaftan remains a classic piece. The silhouette of a Kaftan dress is characterised by its ankle-length and graceful flow across its length. Its loose garment and long sleeves render it a comfortable and eased fit. The Kaftan dress is generally made up of soft and breathable fabrics, giving it smooth wear for long hours.

Kaftan Dress: The Multitude of Varieties

Over time, the Kaftan dress for women made its way through different regions and cultures, evolving in style and design. Today, it presents itself in a multitude of varieties in the fit, design and shade, and Nabia is your ideal destination for it. We provide you colours all the way from nude tones to blacks, deep blues and reds. To modernise the traditional muslim women ensembles, multiple variations have emerged in the fashion market spectrum. One such is an Irani Kaftan, which has more of a circular shaped seam at its end. Owing to the longer fabric in this, along with curved edges, it serves an addition of extravagance and elegance to the look. It leads to beautiful pleats and folds coming in shape in the front, and swaying their way up all along the circular edge. Another type is a classic plain Kaftan. These Kaftans are synonymous to the traditional garments for muslim women, with a twist of style and appeal in them. They are available in solid colour designs with a black border along the neckline and edges, giving it a very structured and immaculate look. The contrast with black border makes the whole shade of Kaftan dress pop. They are also available with an enhancement from pearl design on the upper half of a plain Kaftan. The pearls are either white in colour, to add a contrasting glimmer, or in matching colours with the Kaftan, which compliments its hue with a shine. To get a more cultural or ethnic look, the Chikankari hand-embroidery on Irani Kaftans, is the perfect piece if you want to buy Kaftan online. The contrasting colours with floral and organic designs, the Chikankari embroidered Kaftans go a long way in creating a statement look.

Designer Kaftan Dresses Beyond Compare

Whether you're lounging at home, strolling in a park, or attending an evening event, there's a Kaftan for every occasion. Its comfort beyond compare and vast variety gives it a redefined versatility. Another remarkable feature is that it flatters all body types making it easy to style whether it is a bohemian look you want to achieve or a casual, monochromatic, poised or a glamorous look. 

The Perfect Choice: Kaftan Dress for Women

Despite being such a fashionable piece, these designer Kaftan dresses are available in the perfect length of 56 inches and loose long sleeves, making them fit to be a traditional wear for the muslim women out there. By utilising fabrics like Nida matte and offering a diverse range of designs, we achieve a harmonious blend of both fashion and the essential requirement for modest attire. Our aim is to ensure that Muslim women feel not only comfortable and confident in their faith but also empowered to express their unique personal style in their clothing. Make the perfect choice and buy Kaftan online at Nabia, to make your fashion adorned by grace, yet wrapped by modesty.