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The Ultimate Guide to Styling Abayas for Different Seasons

by Nabia Alig 25 Mar 2024

Each season comes with different demands and it's pretty challenging to maintain comfort, elegance, and modesty at once in all the seasons. If you see the other way different seasons also allow you to be versatile in your modest styling. We have brought you an ultimate guide where you can explore how to adapt your Abaya wardrobe to the changing Seasons. With all of these styling guides, you can ensure and stay stylish weather weather-appropriate throughout the year.

Abayas for Spring Styles

Abayas for Spring Styles

Spring comes around the year before summers are just about to begin. During Spring days become longer successfully and for longer hours you will have to be exposed to sunlight. So in this kind of warm weather, you must prefer light and airy fabrics like chiffon, cotton, or linen. It's it has to be a Priority to stay cool and comfortable during the transitional Seasons.

You should opt for pastel colors such as pink, green, or any of your favorite pastel colors with floral embroidery abaya to reflect the blossoming beauty of the season. You can pair your Abaya with a lightweight colorful or plain hijab or scarf in a coordinating shade for added elegance.

You can layer yourself with lightweight cardigans or some of your favorite denim jackets for those cooler mornings and evenings during the day. Do not go for much thicker jackets which make you feel suffocated during the traditional time of the year. You can pair it up with your open-toe sandals and flats for a fresh and feminine touch and to complete your chic elegant look.

Abayas for Summer Styles

Abayas for Summer Styles

Summer is the time for bringing out all your lightweight abayas from the wardrobe. It is the time of the year when you must be exposed to sunlight and beat the heat throughout long days. So take out all your loose-fitting silhouettes and breathable fabric abaya to make you feel cool throughout the day.

If you are short of airy fabrics you can consider purchasing cotton, linen, Nida matte, or silk fabrics so that you can be comfortable in your modest clothes throughout the day. You should opt for light colors such as white cream soft pastels which do not attract much sunlight and make you feel cooler throughout the day.

You can opt for a front open abaya, or shrug abaya for summer to make you feel a little lighter and airy throughout the day. You can wear some lightweight soft airy T-shirts and trousers with the shrug or front abaya for more comfort.

Pair your summer abayas with a pair of sandals. You can opt for lightweight shoes also to protect your feet from sun damage. Furthermore, you can accessorize with a wide-brimmed hat and big sunglasses for a chic summer look. Choose to wear minimal jewelry to keep it light and less irritating on humid summer days.

Abayas for Autumn Styles

Abayas for Autumn Styles

For a modest abaya during fall, you can choose darker shades such as olive green, burgundy, and others. To add layers to your clothes, you can layer with long-sleeved tops or lightweight sweaters with your Abaya for added warmth. You can also wear warmers inside the abaya for added warmth. You can also choose to wear inner slip dresses which can set the tone for a sleek autumn outfit.

You can pair up with ankle boots to complete your fall look. For more elegance, you can pair up with contrasting scarves as well. Prefer silk hijabs and you can also put your hands on kimonos to layer up yourself.
Adding some minimal jewelry pieces such as bracelets, smartwatches, and small neck pieces can enhance your look further.

Winter Warmth Abayas

Winter Warmth Abayas

It's the time of the year to bring out all your warm clothes and knitted sweaters from the cupboard. During this time of the year, you should go for darker hues such as brown, black, navy blue, and charcoal grey, to attract heat and give you extra warmth.

You can choose to wear our One-piece Jilabas for added comfort in winter. Plain or Irani kaftans can also be an option during the winter season as the layers in them will give you the required warmth. Thick hijabs can add further warmth and elegance to your appearance.

Don't forget to layer yourself with warmers inside especially if you are a person who feels extra cold. You can accessorize with gloves or knitted scarves as well. Furthermore, you can also add denim or any classy woolly jacket for more warmth.

Finally, to complete your look you can add sneakers or boots for keeping your feet cold. You can choose to add funky sneakers for occasions during winter and elegant neck pieces for a chic winter look.

Final Words

Whatever time of the year it is, you always have a choice to wear modest abayas and correctly style them to keep your look elegant. Appropriate colors, fabrics, and patterns give you a comfortable chic look all around the year. Follow the above guide to elevate your abaya style for every season.

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