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Elevate Your Style With Embroidered Abayas on Every Occasion

by Nabia Alig 18 Mar 2024 0 Comments

Whatever is your modest style, we at The Nabia feel there's always space for luxury items to elevate your look. One such luxury modest fashion is embroidered abayas. So, today we are here to highlight some of the significance of best-embroidered abayas and how you can style them for special occasions.

Significance of Embroidered Abayas in Old Times

Embroidery has shown its appearance since ancient times. Men and women in the Islamic world preferred wearing embroidered clothes on special occasions to depict an elegant look.

Women especially in the Islamic world have used many different patterns of embroidery to style their outfits for centuries. Hand embroideries were the more preferred ones back then and were considered royal and luxurious.

Today embroidery has taken a modern version. Machine embroideries are the more park-ferred ones. Yet incorporating traditional embroidery patterns in the contemporary silhouettes has kept the tradition alive in modern modest clothes.


Ever-stylish Embroidered Abayas

Embroidered Abayas

Embroidered abayas are not just modest garments, they are exquisite pieces of art that highlight the story of art, tradition, culture and craftsmanship. At The Nabia, designers create embroidered Abayas by combining traditional embroidery techniques with modern patterns and themes to create abayas that are not only rooted in tradition but also depict contemporary fashion, which keeps you ahead of time. Have a look at the different Embroidered Abaya patterns that elevate your look at festivals.

Asymmetrical Silhouettes

Asymmetrical Silhouettes - Embroidered Abayas

Asymmetry adds a modern twist to embroidered Abyas. Embroidery along the asymmetric lines portrays a striking effect. In addition to that asymmetric sleeves with embroidery on cuffs and draping details can further enhance the look.

Innovative Necklines and Closures

Innovative Necklines and Closures - With Embroidery Abaya

Modern-day Abayas often feature embroidered necklines and closures that are the modern twist to the age-old traditional abaya. Elegant colorful yet sophisticated designs on the necklines and in front add uniqueness to your look. These designs can be your favorite especially if you like to keep your look fashionable.

Statement Sleeve Abayas

Statement Sleeve Abayas

Different patterns of sleeves such as Bell sleeves, and puff sleeves with intricate embroidery add drama and flair to your garment. Statement sleeves can not only elevate the fashion quotient but also give you a fresh look in traditional abaya silhouettes.


Embellishments - Embroidery Abaya

Incorporating embellishments adds texture and depth to abayas. Abyas with floral embroidery, lace panels, and beadwork result in an eye-catching abaya that makes you stand out from the crowd. While these abayas but not suitable for daily use, they are the perfect fashion and modest dress for Eid and other special occasions.


Styling the embroidered Abayas.

Everyday Chic Look

Embroidery Abaya for Everyday Chic Look

You can pair the embroidered front open abaya with modest trousers or jeans for a comfortable everyday look. Furthermore, you can add oversized sunglasses and a structured handbag for a chic daytime look.

Layering your embroidered abaya with a denim jacket can add warmth and dimension to your look. You can finish this look with your favorite everyday sneakers for a modern modest and casual vibe.

You can go for embroidered puff sleeves and pockets for the perfect weekend vibe. Pairing with proper funky sneakers and a bag can complete your weekend look.

Workwear wonder

Abaya for Workwear wonder

For a professional look, you can go for an embroidered abaya with trousers or a pencil skirt. Go for basic light colors and subtle embroidery for an aesthetic look. Moreover, you can add a blazer and accessories with minimal jewelry and a classy bag for a finished look.

Special Occasions

Special Occasions Abaya

For festivals and other special occasions, you can go for a floor-length embroidered abaya in rich luxurious fabric. You can go for neckline intricate embroidery in bright colors for an enhanced look.

You can make your look more stylish and luxurious by choosing the Abaya with Front embroidery with bright colors. Alternatively, you can also choose the golden-colored embroidery on the central line for a more attractive look.

On special occasions, you can also prefer going with printed hijabs to match the designs on your abaya. To complete the look you can carry the bag following the embroidery design.

Go for the floral attractive bags and floral printed hijab if your abaya has a colorful design. Furthermore, you can add cream or golden color hijab and a bag to go with golden embroidery over the abaya. Chandelier earrings and sky-high heels will further give you a show-stopping look.

Overall contemporary embroidered abayas showcase the fusion of tradition and innovation. With these elegant patterns of embroidered abayas, you can celebrate the beauty of Islamic fashion. With proper styling and accessories, you can portray effortless elegance of all times. Furthermore, you can also explore our range of embroidered kaftans for more elegant festive looks.

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