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Eid Fashion Trends: Modest Outfit Ideas for Women

by Nabia Alig 06 Apr 2024

Eid ul Fitr is a big occasion for Muslims around the globe. It's celebrated on the first of next month after Ramadan. It's marked by family gatherings and lavish meals. For many people, choosing an ideal outfit for Eid is an important part of celebration. All the Muslimahs want to look stylish in a modest way. So, Whether you are attending prayer at a mosque or visiting loved ones, we have got ample ideas for you to feel your best on Eid.

Flowy Abayas

Floral Printed Abaya

Abayas are worn all around the year. While abayas are the dress of choice for all Muslimahs, it might look just a basic outfit for some. So, the way you style your abaya can completely change the look from a basic to an elegant luxury Eid look.

First of all, choose the different shades of abaya distinct from the regular wear. You can go with the pastel, or floral print ones, for a simple yet elegant look. You can go for dark shades for a bold look. Properly accessorizing your outfit is the next very important step to enhance your outfit. So, you can add a metal belt on the waist with a contrasting color. Along with that adding a neckpiece can further add elegance to the outfit. Wear a hijab in different bold colors with nice floral prints to complete the look.

Front Open Abayas

Front Open Abaya

Front open abayas are another very stylish yet modest outfit for Eid. You can choose the abayas with new colors and embroideries to add a more luxurious vibe to your outfit. The Palestine-inspired embroidery patterns on sleeves can be of choice for an elegant look on this Eid.

You can also opt for the piping abayas or A-line embroidery abayas for an enhanced look. If you are opting for a front open abaya, you can choose to wear trousers and modest t-shirts inside your favorite colors such as golden, black, etc. You can opt for the multicolor front open abaya as well for a chic modest look on this Eid.

Accessorize yourself with proper jewelry pieces and belts to get maximum out of your look. You can also choose to wear matching footwear such as heels to enhance your Eid look.

Jilbabs and Kaftans for Royal look

Kaftan Abaya

Kaftans are free-flow garments that offer you ample coverage without compromising on style. Their floor-length hemline and long sleeves make them best for Eid prayers and gatherings.

Kaftans are versatile dresses and you can get them in various colors, fabrics, and styles. You can go for solid colors, intricate embroidery patterns, or bold prints depending on your preferences. However, embroidered ones are the best choice for the festive look.

Do not forget to add proper sparkling statement jewelry or chunky bracelets in contrast with your Eid outfit. Carry a classy clutch in your hand and embellished sandals to have a chic appearance. Additionally, you can layer up yourself with a matching shawl for hijab to finish up your festive outfit.



There is a wide range of skirts for all the events. Maxi skirts are one of the classic choices for this Eid. You can look for maxi skirts in solid dark colors or bold printed designs for a festive look. Pairing it up with a tucked-in blouse is the best choice for Eid. In addition to that you can layer up with denim jackets or other leather jackets for a classy look.

You can also find a midi skirt with trousers for a very stylish yet modest look. Pairing the outfit with a tucked-in blouse and proper sandals gives you a finished fashionable Eid look. You can check out our collection of skirts to find your favorite style skirts. In addition to that you can contact us for further customization of the outfit.

Shrug abayas and Keffiyeh Abayas

Shrug abayas

These are some of the most stylish modest outfits offering the fashionable chic look for Eid. Shrug Abaya with flower prints gives you a very fresh and decent look. You can enhance the look by pairing it with proper bright color inners. Shrugs also allow you to add a nice neckpiece for a timeless look.

Keffiyeh Abayas offer a royal look. You can go for solid colors like bottle green, pink, and brown with neck or cuff embroidery for an enhanced Eid look.

Get your Eid Outfit Today

Eid is a very special occasion that calls for elegant and modest attire. A wide range of modest attires with embroideries, and solid bold colors are the best choice for the festival. You can choose the outfit according to your preferences. Pair up your outfit with proper accessories and you are good to go. Explore our range of Eid outfits and pick up your favorite for Eid.

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