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by Rukhsat Hussain 06 Jul 2024 0 Comments

Are you also tired of getting stubborn oil stains, and molds, and the stinky smell of your favorite abaya or hijab won’t go away? Worry not, in this blog, I will share 5 easy hacks to care for your Abayas and Hijab the right way at home so that they don’t lose their shine over time and always look brand new.

5 Easy tips to care for your abayas and hijabs at home:

We all want our Abayas and Hijabs to look new forever! But often forget to take care of them the right way. These are a few tips you need to keep in mind to take better care of your abayas or hijabs at home. Starting with:

1.   Wash them in the right way:

One of the most important ways to keep your modest wear clothing that is; abayas, hijabs, jilbabs, khimars, kaftans, etc from losing their charm is to wash them right.

  • Always Wash your abaya frequently to avoid the formation of mold and odors; especially in summer, rainy, or monsoon season.
  • Always wash the same or similar color abayas and hijabs together to avoid chances of color discoloration.
  • Read the label for better, care and guidance, it is highly recommended to hand wash your abayas or hijabs with cold water.
  • You can do a Machine Wash if you do not have time for hand washing.
  • Use a gentle detergent to preserve the color and fabric.
  • Use a scented fabric cleaner, to prevent bad odor from spreading and also to make your abayas or hijabs smell good for a long time.

NOTE: Washing your abayas and hijabs in the washing machine is no different from washing them without a washing machine. You just need to keep the above tips in mind while washing them in a washing machine for a better experience.

2.   Dry them the right way:

Drying your abayas or hijabs the right way is of equal importance, because most of the time, we give a good wash to abayas or hijabs but often forget to use the right drying technique on them;

  • Your abaya should be air-dried in an adequately ventilated and shaded (away from direct sunlight) environment. Also, Stay Steer clear of direct sunshine as it can cause fading.
  • To stop mold from growing, make sure the abaya is dry and clean before you put it in your wardrobe.
  • Make sure to dry your abayas or hijabs well, especially in rainy or monsoon season, as it often leaves an odor if it doesn’t get proper sunlight.

3.   Proper Ironing and Steaming:

Using the right ironing and steaming techniques also plays its role while caring for your abayas or hijabs;

  • To get rid of wrinkles, use a steam iron. Steam iron also aids in bacterial destruction and fabric freshening.
  • When using a standard iron, make sure the temperature is right for the fabric and shield it from direct heat by covering it with a pressing cloth.
  • Most of the time, we do not understand the right temperature that has to be used while ironing or steaming your abayas or hijabs. Using the right temperature is one of the important things, one needs to keep in mind while ironing or steaming their abayas or hijabs.
  • Do not iron or steam a particular area for a long time, we often forget how much time we use on a particular part of our abayas or hijabs while ironing or steaming it and this increases the chances of color fading.
  • Make sure to equally iron or steam every part of your abayas or hijab without focusing on one single part.

4.   Appropriate and Clean Storage is important:

Where you store your abaya also matters a lot, while taking care of  your abaya or hijab the right way;

  • Keep your abayas or hijabs always in a dry and airy place.
  • To get rid of humidity, always include moisture absorbers or silica gel packets in your abayas or hijabs.
  • Use breathable fabric bags; instead of plastic ones as plastic bags keep moisture.
  • Always keep your abayas or hijabs in a neat and clean place.
  • Make sure to keep your abayas and hijabs in a spacious space to avoid lines and wrinkles.

5. Cleaning or Removing Stains:

One of the major concerns of every Muslim woman is how to get rid of stubborn stains on their abayas or hijabs, especially oil stains. While enjoying our favorite biryani or korma at a family function.; we often forget to take care of our abayas or hijabs and end up getting stained on them.

  • Always deal with stains right away. If required, gently remove the stain with a clean cloth and a mild stain remover.
  • Do not rub the stain as this could cause it to spread or rip the cloth.


It is important to take good care of your abayas and hijabs. Also, it is Sunnah to wear neat and clean clothes. I have listed all the important tips you need to keep in mind to better take care of your abayas and hijabs so that you can use them for a long time without losing their charm and shine.

I hope this blog helps you, your family, and your friends!

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